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Keep Domain Registration Details Safe with Whois Privacy

Use Whois Privacy to Protect Your Domain Registration Information

During the domain registration, registrant contact details are immediately accessible on the Internet.

Now there is a way to protect your personal information from spammer, telemarketers and other unwanted 3rd parties! The Internetters WHOIS Privacy service allows you to retain your domain name ownership without having to expose your personal information to the public.

Who can use WHOIS Privacy?

If you are the owner of a domain name with one of the extensions below, then you could benefit from WHOIS Privacy.

















WHOIS Privacy is now available with all of the following new domain extensions

Benefits of private domain registration:

  • Guard your privacy
  • Reduce spam, junk mail and telemarketing sales calls
  • Prevents from identity theft
  • Add to new or existing domain
  • Stay fully contactable and more!

WHOIS Privacy for existing domains

You can purchase WHOIS Privacy for your existing domain names via the Internetters control panel. Simply login and search for your existing domain and add WHOIS Privacy at Domain Management section.

WHOIS Privacy for new domains

WHOIS Privacy for new domain names can be enabled prior to checkout during the domain registration process. Simply enable "WHOIS Privacy Service" and process to complete your purchase!

WHOIS Privacy Example:

Below is an example of how Internetters' WHOIS Privacy works, instead of displaying your personal contact details in a 'Whois' search- we protect your details and replace them with our contact details, giving you peace of mind and privacy. You still retain a full ownership of your domain name!

No WHOIS Privacy

  • Registrant: Your full Name
  • Your address line 1
  • Your address line 2
  • Your address line 3
  • Your address line 4
  • Your post code
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number

Internetters WHOIS Privacy

  • Registrant: Internetters Privacy
  • Lister Pavilion
  • Kelvin Campus
  • West of Scotland Science Park
  • Glasgow
  • G20 O5P
  • 0370-755-5066
£6.50 per year Buy Now!
Customer Testimonials
"Internetters are just a cut above all the other ICANN registrars in my opinion. They are the best!"
- Greg, South Dakota