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.jobs Domain Names - A recruitment focused domain extension for your company

.jobs domain names
.jobs domains1. What is .jobs?

.jobs is a brand new top level domain for the internet, like .com or .edu, but different. .jobs works by placing your company name directly before the dot. For example, if your company is called Internetters, just put "Internetters" before the dot to obtain www.internetters .jobs.

2. Why .jobs?

Putting your company name together with .jobs provides a simple, fast and consistent method for job seekers to learn about employment opportunities at your company . job postings ... benefits ... culture ... the things that make your workplace unique.

3. Okay, tell me more, why .jobs?

Because .jobs provides you with the ability to effectively direct job seekers to the exact online destination of your employment opportunities contained within your own company website.

Anyone who has ever been directed to a company home page to only fumble around trying to find the company jobs page will appreciate being told a new message of simply: Apply at companyname .jobs .

Moreover, job seekers will appreciate a standardized format of www.companyname .jobs in place of unfriendly URL's such as that literally come to them in all shapes and sizes without any degree of consistency.

4. Who approved .jobs to the global Internet?

.jobs was approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ). ICANN is a non-profit public benefit corporation with oversight provided by the US Department of Commerce.

5. What is the role of the Society for Human Resource Management?

SHRM ( ) is the formal policy administrator to .jobs representing the best interests of the HR community.

6. Who is .jobs for?

.jobs has been designated specifically for hiring managers in every business. It's for those tasked with communicating employment opportunities at their organization along with those managing other human resource elements in their business. The format is simply: www.companyname .jobs.

7. What is meant by your "company name"?

Registrations in .jobs can only be for your "company name", which means your legal or commonly known business name, or at least must include that name. For example, if you are American Family Life Assurance Company, you may register AmericanFamilyLife .jobs , AmericanFamilyLifeAssurance .jobs , AmericanFamilyLifeAssuranceCompany .jobs , AFLAC .jobs , AFLAC-California .jobs , AFLAC-Agents .jobs , etc.

8. My company's legal name includes identifiers such as "The" and/or "Inc". Do I have to include these terms?

This is not a requirement. For example, Alcoa, Inc. may register alcoa .jobs.

9. Can I register a trademark?

Only in the case where your trademark is also the name of your employer organization (i.e. your company name).

10. Will I need to develop a new web site for my new

You may do so but it is completely dependent upon your own needs. For example, you can configure the settings of your new companyname .jobs to simply direct people to your existing jobs or careers page.

11. Will my replace my current URL (such as in .com) that I use now?

Your companyname .jobs is able to function on the Internet in conjunction with your existing jobs page URL (whether .com, .net, .org, .edu, etc). Choosing to acquire your companyname .jobs does not mean you have to replace your current URL. Both can function for an indefinite period of time completely at your own discretion.

12. When will my function on the Internet?

Once your application for has been validated and approved by the registry, you will be able to use it.

13. How will I be able to use my registration?

.jobs is to be used to promote the on-line destination of your company's employment opportunities. For example, you can use your companyname .jobs in your print ads, employee referral programs, for e-mail, broadcast media, with job boards, etc.

14. Can I use my only when my company has available job opportunities?

You may use your companyname .jobs to post any HR related content of your company.

15. Am I allowed to use my to show jobs of other companies besides my own?

At this time, you cannot use your companyname .jobs to post jobs of third party employers. Ongoing use of your companyname .jobs is subject to the .jobs Use Policies.

16. How do I apply for my company name in .jobs?

You may apply for your companyname .jobs by calling our Sales Team on 0370 755 5088

17. How will .jobs validate my request?

The registry validate that your application is for your legal or commonly known company name. At time of registration, you will be asked to submit a current URL for which they can evaluate your request.

If this URL is insufficient, then we will notify you that additional documentation of your company name request is required by the registry to achieve validation. The closer a legitimate employer remains to the legal or commonly known name of their business for a .jobs registration request, the more likely validation can be successful without additional documentation being required.

18. What is the purpose for the .jobs validation process?

Requiring validation prior to activation is a mechanism for protecting the integrity of your company name and your digital identity to users.

19. How much will my cost?

The price for one year is £119. If your application is not successful, then a refund of £69 will be made to you, with a £50 processing fee being retained by Internetters.

20. Does .jobs policy prohibit cybersquatting of my company name? Do I need to worry about this?

The registry's policies are designed to deter the act of cybersquatting on a given company name. A primary objective of our validation process is to deter this before it can happen -- and that's one of the reasons why we take steps to validate your companyname .jobs application before it goes live.

While cybersquatting will be restricted, remember that the internet is worldwide. A company in another country legitimately having your name can request and register a .jobs domain in which your company may also be don't delay your application!

21. Do I need to notify or contact my IT department for assistance with my purchase?

This depends upon your organisation. If you have an IT department, they can assist (likely in a manner of a few minutes) with the configuration of your companyname .jobs purchase so that it functions for you as intended.

22. What happens if I purchase my but then do not use it?

Naturally, we encourage you to use your companyname .jobs , but you are under no obligation at initial purchase or upon renewal to use it.

23. How long will my purchase last?

Registration terms may range from 1 to 10 years with the option to extend that at the end of the initial term.  Your will last for the length of time you choose at time of purchase.

24. Is anyone allowed to register in .jobs?

.jobs is a restricted name space. The ability to secure a company name in .jobs is restricted to those that meet the following criteria:  

  1. Tasked with hiring or other HR duties on behalf of their own employer organization;
  2. Authorized to purchase their companyname .jobs on behalf of their employer organization;
  3. Who agree to abide by the .jobs Use Policies ; and
  4. Who agree to abide by the SHRM Code of Professional Ethics

25. I want to secure a generic name in .jobs, such as "" or "". Will this be allowed?

The ability to secure a generic word in .jobs is highly dependent upon your legal or commonly known company name - if you are not known by that word, you can not register it.

Additionally, various generic terms and identifiers, such as geographic names (major cities, countries, etc.), industry and occupational classifications, profane words and other terms of common interest to the HR Community are subject to the Reserve List Policy.

26. Is .jobs stable and secure?

Yes. Technical interoperability of .jobs resides on the same world class infrastructure and backbone as the more familiar .com, which is operated by VeriSign. VeriSign is also the technology provider for .jobs .

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