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Email Protection Services - Protect Your Inbox

Anti Virus Protection

It's well documented that the majority of computer viruses threatening networks and PC's are spread through email. While most companies use a degree of anti virus protection, it's generally accepted that the best form of defence against these email borne viruses is to prevent them from reaching the network or PC in the first place.

Using world leading anti virus technology from Kaspersky, our anti virus mail filter scans and detects known viruses within inbound emails, checking for viruses, trojans, worms and other unwanted threats.

The software uses a variety of anti virus techniques, including attachment type scanning, and content filtering to detect additional potential threats.

Spam Protection

Research suggests that the percentage of e-mail reported to be spam is doubling every 12 to 18 months and that employees, on average, now spend at least 30 minutes per day dealing with mail that is not relevant to their jobs.

Business are now faced with the costs of processing this increasing level of spam and the costs of potential legal liabilities, not to mention dealing with the frustration of employees.

Whilst this increase in spam may affect overall productivity, the real risks are that employees may be faced with inappropriate and offensive material or that they may miss legitimate and mission critical emails amongst the mass of spam.

Many analysts agree that it's a combined approach of technologies that provide the best levels of defence against the rising tide of spam. Our anti spam systems scan emails and incorporate the following techniques in identifying spam:

BounceStorm Protection

A unique Feature. Bounced emails are a significant problem with spam that has used spoofed email addresses.

What happens to all the bounce back emails that have been blocked or filtered?

The answer is that the organisation that legitimately uses spoofed email address is hit by a deluge of email messages.

Our anti spam Mail Filter protects its clients by inserting a code into their outgoing messages, which can then be detected in legitimate bounce backs. If the code is found, our anti spam mail filter will allow the bounce back through -if it is not detected, the MailFilter can take one of several actions based upon policy e.g. do not deliver and delete.

White lists

Controlled lists of ‘safe or acceptable’email addresses and domains that can be configured on a personal/organisational level and are considered as senders of legitimate email.

Black Lists

Controlled lists of ‘deny/block delivery’email addresses and domains that can be configured on a personal/organisational level and are considered senders of spam or unsolicited email.

On-Line Blocking Lists

Lists sourced from a variety of organisations and bodies that contain data, such as IP addresses, and information about known spam and phishing sources.

Keyword & Lexical Analysis

Key words and phrase analysis. The entire email is combed for various phrases and words which when combined would in all probability indicate a spam type message e.g. ‘Viagra’, ‘Low priced meds’, ‘save massively on software’.

Central Database

A proprietary database, built up over the past 6 years, containing over 30 million files of inappropriate content, web sites addresses, images and other inappropriate content. The database is constantly being updated by our team of assessors and is being added to at a rate of over 100 000 new threats files per week. This enables us to identify emails containing inappropriate materials or urls.

False Positives

The combination of technologies together with the data contained within the Central databases ensures that The Mail Filter edition delivers ZERO False positives.

Customer Testimonials
"Just a note to say thank you for your speedy and efficient service in registering our 2 new domain names."
- Mike, Lancashire