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Beginners Guide - Hints and tips for those new to domains and web hosting

The beginners guide provides you with hints and tips about domain names, email services and web hosting to help you get started.

New to the internet?

If you have any specific questions about any Internetters product or service, please visit our support section, where you will find a very comprehensive FAQ section built up over 6 years of customer service in this industry. You will quickly be able to find helpful information to take you through every step of getting a website online, and once you are a customer of ours you will also receive email support whenever you need it.

It is also worth noting that Internetters uses extremely robust and reliable server technology, which means we are able to offer 99.7% up time so your services will always be accessible.

Domain Names

The first requirement for having a presence on the Internet is to buy your domain name - this can be any name with the domain extension of your choice - click here to check availability of the name you want.

Domain Extensions - a domain extension is anything that comes after the final dot [.] in the domain name, for has a .com domain extension...or has a .biz domain extension. There are many different extensions to choose from. Click here for the full list of domain extensions we support.


Everybody wants to use email. Nowadays we think it strange if someone doesn't use email! Once you buy a domain name, you will automatically get a free forwarding for your domain. You can purchase either our Complete Email product which includes Webmail is also included with every mailbox, enabling you to send and receive emails whenever you are online, wherever you are. Alternatively purchase our Email Filter for fully secure and professional email.

Web Hosting

Once you have purchased your domain name, in order to have an actual website on the internet you will need to buy a web hosting package from us. This provides all the space and tools to enable you to upload your web pages - information, photographs, maps, charts, whatever you choose - and allow them to be viewed by anyone with access to the internet. Click here for the full range of web hosting packages we offer.